Expand Your Business Reach Through Telehealth Services

Expansion of Services
Geographic limitations are a worry of the past. Reach your patients, wherever they have access to a smart phone or computer.
Paperless Process
Custom, digital documents sent to your patient’s phone for signature and returned back to their EHR. Stay organized, stay compliant.
Continuation of Care
Expanding your services to include telehealth leads to continued patient support at all levels of care, with longer lengths of stay.

Deliver cost-effective and compliant Telehealth that is part of your EHR. 

Your patient privacy matters! Not all telehealth services are created equal. While current guidelines have loosened to meet the demand for telehealth services, it's best to stay within the original, more stringent, guidelines of HIPAA with our encrypted video sessions.

Don’t compromise patient privacy - stay in compliance with our private platform.

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Continuation of Care

Conduct medical and psychiatric evaluations for patients through telehealth. Continued support for patients as they step down to lower levels of care, without having to visit the office.

Why Opus Telehealth Matters

Better patient outcomes, longer lengths of stay, higher reimbursements.

Integrated Services

Opus Telehealth platform simplifies the process. No need for multiple apps, our platform unifies the video conferencing, scheduling, remote patient group check in, and documentation in one place.

Save time and stay organized.

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Change the way you provide help.

Telehealth is a necessary addition to the addiction and mental health treatment world. Expand your business by expanding your services. Reach more patients, for longer episodes of care, through telehealth.

Telehealth is opening up doors for clients that we weren’t able to extend help to before. Now that services are not restricted to a physical location, we are able to continue our therapeutic and psychiatric services from the first day of residential treatment, to the last day of outpatient treatment. The ability to run groups online has enabled us to create a digital IOP program, with flexible after hours for our clients. We don’t have to worry about transportation logistics, office hours, or staff availability. It’s changing the way we do business.

Andrea Baskin, Clinical Director, Safe Landing Recovery for Teens

opus telehealth services are changing the way addiction and mental health treatment is delivered

Opus Telehealth Services are changing the way addiction and mental health treatment is delivered.


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