The Dark Side of the EHR Systems Revolution

The Dark Side of the EHR Systems Revolution

Fortune Magazine recently published an article titled “Death by a Thousand Clicks: Where Electronic Health Records Went Wrong,” which investigated the issues that the healthcare industry encounters due to the HITECH Act.

The HITECH Act of 2009 was created to motivate the implementation of electronic health records (EHR) and supporting technology in the United States. The act mandated that EHRs are used in healthcare settings and provided funding to digitize electronic medical records. Despite the well-intended notion to enhance patient care and decrease medical errors, the article highlights the dark side of complicated EHR systems.

The Complication of Administrative Tasks in Some EHR Systems

The over complication of clinician and administrative tasks in some EHR systems can lead to frustrations. As a healthcare worker, efficiency in the workplace is key. Your technology should work for you, and adapt to assist in enhancing your team performance to ensure the highest quality of care. When it takes several different windows, workflows, tabs, drop downs, and clicks to accomplish the desired task –there are a lot of places that errors can be made.


An EHR System Should Be Simple, Easy to use, and Adaptable

In every work environment, the potential for burnout is a risk. The article reflects on the concept of “alert fatigue”, in which patient providers are sent hundreds of alerts a day at work. The outcome is either burnout, from checking the alerts all the time, or missing important alerts due to the pile up. Neither is conducive to quality patient care.

Alerts are a brilliant idea to keep the care team involved in the newest updates about patient care. However, too many notifications have been shown to lead to errors and burnout. Customizing frequency, delivery, and intended recipient is a valuable feature for EHR alert systems.

The question: “Why would we ever make the switch to an EHR?!” The right EHR optimizes facility workflow, enhances patient care, and simplifies the documentation for a clinician. Large EHR companies expanded rapidly to meet the increased demand, with little focus on user friendly features. While choosing the right EHR is based solely on the needs of the facility, it is easy to be enticed by price versus functionality.

The complicated technology, software updates, and frequent changes to the system should be the burden of the EHR company, not you.

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