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Use your voice to inspire entrepreneurship around the behavioral healthcare market place and earn a revenue while doing it.

Earn up to a 5% Monthly Recurring Commission for every new customers

We are looking for like-minded ambassadors who share our missions and provide opportunities for mutual benefit. Whether you'are an established business or new to the healthcare industry, Opus Behavioral will provide you with the tools you need to promote a new source of recurring revenue for your company.

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    Earn up to an average of 5% for each facility that signs up for a one-year subscription

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You have an existing customer base that trusts you. You are already selling products and services to them, so by leveraging you credibility you will be able to open doors for them to also become a customer of Opus EHR, and get paid in the process. Your customer will benefit from a modern EHR system that is custom-built for the behvioral health space. You get paid a recurring commission for as long as you referral is our customer. We make them happy by providing excellent customer support and a cutting-edge EHR solution. It's a win-win-win.

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